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Springfield Local Schools - Holland, Ohio - Public School District

Phone - 419-867-5600
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Springfield Local Schools School District

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Springfield Local Schools Reviews

from: kirk d clair | submitted: Aug 24, 2010
My two sons went to school at Springfield and it was a terrific experience. My granddaughter started kindergarden this yr and her first day the bus was to take her to the day care, but instead she was dropped off at home (where we all were at work). We were contacted by the day care stating she wasn't there, leaving work we found her 3 blocks from home crying her little eyes out!!!! The transportation department said " We are only responsible to provide safe transportation to and from school" Really safe leaving a 5 yr off at the wrong stop!!! I review "F"

Springfield Local Schools School District Data
County of Location: Lucas
Number of Schools in This District: 6
Student/Teacher ratio: 16.5
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 3,779
Total Males: 1,887
Total Females: 1,699
American Indian Students: 12
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 84
African Americans: 410
Hispanic: 117
White: 2,963
Total Staff: 423
Fulltime Teachers: 229
Ungraded Teachers:
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 0
Kindergarten Teachers: 13
Elementary Teachers: 155
Secondary Teachers: 62
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 4
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 3
Total Guidance Counselors: 7
LEA Administrators: 7
School Administrators: 9
LEA Admin Support Staff: 12
School Admin Support Staff: 25
Student Support Services Staff: 3
Other Support Staff: 120
Library Media Support Staff: 5
Librarians Media Specialists: 3
Instructional Aides - Total: 3
Instructional Coordinators: 0

Springfield Local Schools School District Headquarters Map